Pattern Recognition – William Gibson

Pattern Recognition (Blue Ant #1) by William Gibson Hardcover, 356 pages Published February 3rd 2003 by Putnam Adult (first published 2003) ISBN 0399149864 (ISBN13: 9780399149863) Edition language:  English Series:  Blue Ant #1 Characters:  Hubertus Bigend Literary Awards:  Locus Award Nominee for Best Science Fiction Novel (2004), Arthur C. Clarke Award Nominee (2004), British Science Fiction…

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Jonathan Franzen on Karl Kraus

Jonathan Franzen, unafraid to post his own unpopular opinions, wants to bring light to Karl Kraus – a “fin de siècle” thinker, who was also wrote challenging, abrasive opinions about culture and was read by many prominent thinkers at the time. Both writers reflect my own growing fear about modern culture, especially the dark side…

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The River Swimmer – Jim Harrison

This book contains two novellas – one concerning an aging art professor and the other explores a gifted, young swimmer whose wisdom belies his years. Harrison seems to use his characters as proxies of himself lately and these two novellas are no different – lustful outdoors-men who enjoy their whiskey, wine and food. At first…

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Reamde – Neal Stephenson


There must have been SOMETHING for me to finish a 1000+ page book, but this was exposition upon exposition. I cannot think of anything more boring than reading hundreds of pages concerning the economy of a FICTITIOUS MMORPG.
I’m an action nut, so I kept going, but shame on me.

The Flamethrowers – Rachel Kushner

Chapter 3, in its entirety, is a study in beautiful language. I dug the motorcycle parts. I didn’t dig the art parts. I dig her obvious love of language. I didn’t dig her obvious overuse of language. This is another “flawed genius” book. It’s worth the pretense and, let’s be honest, I think it’s impossible…

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The Steel Remains – Richard K. Morgan

Richard K. Morgan wrote, possibly, my favorite sci-fi novel, “Altered Carbon.” This is his first fantasy novel. Morgan has ignored many fantasy conventions with “The Steel Remains.” There is a gay protagonist, aliens, and gay sex between the protagonist and the alien. The sex is told with the usual Morgan detail, that is, the sex…

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