Lenticular Clouds

I have never seen this type of cloud formation before:

Very interesting. (via Neatorama) These are formed by “mountain waves” – strong waves of atmospheric pressure that form as air moves over mountains. Given the right conditions, moisture in these waves condense to form clouds.

Damn Car!

I had a good Christmas, except for my damn car! It broke down Monday morning while trying to get to an electronics store to purchase a replacement cd-rom drive for my sister’s computer, which I was (attempting) to rebuild. Luckily I was only about a mile away from a Saturn dealer and was able to…

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E-mail notifications added

I blogged earlier about how to keep up to date with my blog (and others). If you don’t want to mess with an RSS reader, there’s a service called FeedBlitz which allows you to be notified by e-mail. I’ve added a form in the sidebar for you to do this. Once you subscribe, it’ll ask…

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Christmas lists

One of the worst and best things about Christmas is daydreaming about buying all the gadgets you can eat (but not afford). I’ve been seeing a bunch of cool stuff, mostly provided by the neato blog Boing Boing. This remote-controlled spy plane looks pretty cool. I wonder how good the pictures are? I’ve been waiting…

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