Doug's Internet Sandbox

Over the past year, I’ve reawakened a strong interest in photography.  I needed a place to share.  I hesitated about building a website. I’ve done a few and each time found myself obsessing on the work, to the detriment of sleep and good sense.  So initially I began with a simple photo-sharing website,, and am happy with them, but it and the other photo-sharing websites have their limits in terms of customization and features.  For example, I also have a blog that I have been contributing to on and off through the years on – a separate site.    I also might want to build a website for a photography business someday.  It was time to bring it all under one roof, albeit late nights to follow.

I built as a lab to learn Wordpress (the content management system behind this website), a place to share my photos, blog, and whatever else might pique my interest.  Please let me know what you think!

I have a variety of pictures taken from autoshows, concours, etc. in my automobile photography category.  A higher res photo of this Maserati GranTurismo can be found in the 2015 Chicago Auto Show album.

A motorcycle is man’s next best friend.  This 1952 Vincent Black Lightning was photographed at the 2014 Ault Park Concours d’Elegance and a higher res picture can be found in the photography album bearing the same name.

I currently have pictures from the 2014 Indianapolis MotoGP album, a part of a soon-expanding motorsports photography category.  I plan to take more this summer.

I added to my aviation photography category recently and love taking pictures of planes.

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!  HOT SAUSAGE AND MUSTARD!  I have various food-related photos in my food photography album.


This is a continuation of my blog, “dawgbite.”  It’s a bunch  of musings about whatever, but mainly books, movies and music.